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#TRAVELGUIDE | A Mini Vacation in Athens, GA


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling for something other than work… a much needed break and some QT time with my new beau. I may let you in on those details a little later, but for now we’ll focus of the trip.


One of the days we went to Atlanta. I love to visit Little 5 Points when in Atlanta. They have so many local shops that have the cutest stuff. My favorite store is this amazing consignment shop, Rag-o-Rama.  I always find crazy deals on shoes.


We had lunch at Ru-Sans. Then  we went to see The Martian, which was really good. I love the movie theaters in Atlanta, the one we went to had a full bar!



Before leaving for SC, we explored the quaint town of Madison, GA. It was a gloomy day but the town was beautiful. Plenty of small shops and restaurants, and most are locally owned. My favorite is this little ice cream parlor & candy store, Scoops.  If only they could ship ice cream.


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