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#REVIEW | #SaintAndSinner @KatVonDBeauty {SPONSORED POST} @Influenster

Are you a Saint or Sinner? Introducing the new fragrance from Kat Von D Beauty #SaintAndSinner. Two totally different fragrances.

👼 #Saint is light and floral with a warm musky scent. Perfect for daytime, this one has to be my favorite.

👿 #Sinner is great for nighttime with a sultry woodsy vibe. With spicy cinnamon notes.

I was so excited when Influenster invited to try out these new fragrances. They usually send me natural hair products so it was cool to get something different. Like I said before I am in love with Saint. I prefer sweet fruity scents but this one has a sweeter floral undertone that’s not too overbearing. I absolutely hate floral scents but this one is so subtle its hardly noticeable. Both scent are made with musky notes, Saint has more of a vanilla musk, whereas Sinner is spicy and sultry. Sinner instantly made me feel sexy and would be perfect for date night. Now of course you can purchase these separately, but you can also wear them together. You can purchase any of these at your local Sephora or online. Both perfumes retail for $65. Which one do you think you would like? Or if you’ve tried them, which one is your favorite?

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