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Top 5 Places to Visit in Ghana | #TRAVELGUIDE

I still can't believe I spent 3 whole months living in Ghana. It was where my husband and I had our first real apartment together. We met some cool friends while staying there too, friends that have become more like family than anything.

Now that places are opening back and people I traveling again, I thought I should give you guys my top 5 places to visit in Ghana.


Accra is the capital of Ghana and is probably one of the most popular cities in West Africa to visit. It's full of history, thriving arts + culinary scene, nightlife, and international flair that is attractive to any young professional. If you are ever in Accra, be sure to check out my favorite places.

Baa Bean - This "afro-chic" coffee + tea bar was my favorite place during my stay in Accra. This place delivers on everything! Food, service, + aesthetic. Make sure to try the breakfast smoothie.

Accra Art + Craft Market - You can literally find anything at this market from fabrics, clothes, + accessories, home decor items, and even beauty products. You could literally spend all day here. Tip: BRING CASH.

Accra City Hotel - Talk about luxury on a budget. One of the oldest hotels in Accra, it could easily be known as a Ghanain landmark. Located in the middle of the city, it's close to all the popular tourist attractions and is the perfect place to stay while there.

Cape Coast

Cape Coast is one of West Africa's oldest colonized settlements and holds the infamous "Point of No Return". Cape Coast is home to the Cape Coast Castle (or dungeon depending on who you ask) where millions of enslaved Africans were brought from all over the continent to be shipped off to plantations in the New World. It was also the place I called home with my husband for 3 months, our first apartment. I can admit that I have mixed feelings about this place but It's still worth visiting on your trip to Ghana.

Emperor Ital Joint - If you are ever in Cape Coast, you have to visit the Emperor himself and let him whip up some tasty "Lively Up Yourself" juice. This place quickly became our favorite hangout spot as it was literally across the street from the beach. You can check it here on my IG Reels.


Busua is a sleepy little beach town that is home to resorts and is close to another beach town called Takoradi. We spent a weekend here at this next location, which has THE BEST SEAFOOD PIZZA EVER!

Busua Beach Resort - Luxury beach villas located on a private beach resort. Enough said.

Have you ever been to Ghana? What are your favorite places to visit in Ghana? Leave a comment down below and let me know where I should visit the next time I'm in Ghana.

Peace, love, + light!


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