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Music Monday – Michaeyla Adrienna

Michaeyla Adrienna Writer | Vocalist | Actor | Model


Everyone has a lyric, a song, an album that is the anthem that speaks to their rhythm; the heart beat of their life. You wait to hear an artist with that sound that grabs your attention, making you a fan for life-that artist is musical darling Michaeyla Adrienna. She has grace the stage as a hit maker with her debut single, “Song Of My Body” off her debut EP “Wild Flower”. “Song Of My Body” is the perfect blend of beauty and soul with relatable lyrics and beats that make you want to sway, “Song Of My Body” is sure to become DJ’s around the country and abroad favorite track to play.

Michaeyla Adrienna began her music career as young girl standing in front of mirror with her hairbrush microphone and an imaginary crowd. She grew in to a determined young woman who began performing in pageants and at local community events. Her drive took her to California where she continued to pursue her music career along with modeling and acting. In 2012 She landed roles as an extra on the critically acclaimed television series Homeland and box office hit The Hunger Games.

She returned to her hometown of Columbia, SC to answer the call of life changes and needs of her family. She continued to use the experiences and lessons life taught her to deliver a stellar performance on her “Wild Flower” EP. With the sweet soulful tone of Aaliyah and the ethereal feel of Sade’, Michaeyla Adrienna is a rising star who’s shine you will not be able to miss.

Check out more of Michaeyla here in the More Money More Problems Fashion Show!


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