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Music Monday – K.C. Music Iz Art


He goes by the name of K.C. Music Iz Art, which is a great name because his music is just that, Art. With lyrics and word play of a poetic rock star, KC actually makes you listen and understand the words he’s bearing. He clearly boasts his idyllic abilities in his song #LettersFromMyHeart,where he uses the letters of the alphabet is the entire verse of the song. He is truly a lyrical genius who could probably give Kanye a run for his money.


But wait, there’s more! He is also a  battle rapper and dancer.

“I’ve been rapping since I was ten and recording since I was 13. Camouflage was the first rapper to inspire me but Michael Jackson was the one who inspired me to become to be an entertainer. I admired the way he could control a crowd and entertain. That’s why I dance as well.”

His debut mixtape will be called “First Impressions” and it will be available on Datpiff and Livemixtapes.



Twitter/IG: @kc_musicisart

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