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5 Ways to Love Yourself God's Way

Practice self-love by being your own Valentine this year, it doesn't matter if you're single or married. Before my husband became my forever Valentine, I had to learn how to love myself properly to love him properly. The Bible tells us to "love others as we love ourselves". (Leviticus 19:18) How can you love someone else if you don't have love for yourself? Loving yourself unconditionally like the way Jesus loves us is not as easy as it sounds. We often let things like guilt or shame from past mistakes get in the way of us fulfilling our purpose, achieving our goals, and living the life God has planned for us. I'm here to tell you that there is nothing that can separate you from God's love and it wasn't until I learned this principle that I began to truly see myself how God sees me. Finding God's love led me to a man that loves me unconditionally and made me his wife.

Here are 5 ways to practice self-love God's way.

1. Put God first.

When you put God first, everything else will fall in line. (Matt 6:33) Including your love life. Honestly, stop thinking about finding a husband. Be the bride of Christ. The best way to learn how to love yourself and be confident is to learn about God's unconditional love for you and how precious you are to Him, straight from Him.

2. Fill your cup.

You can't pour from an empty cup. We should take time every day to spend with Jesus but we also have to take some time for ourselves. If you like to try new foods and restaurants, don't wait for someone to ask you on a date. If you're the friend that's always there for everyone, take a moment to be there for yourself with a relaxing day at the spa. If you're a new mom, ask friends or family for a kid-free day so you can get a manicure or have lunch with a friend. Do something that makes your soul happy.

"...but you shall love your neighbor as yourself" – Leviticus 19:18 AMPC

3. Learn to forgive.

Forgive others but have grace for yourself as well. There is someone out there who will love you no matter what you've done or been through. Jesus loved us while we were still sinners and ultimately, died for us. Holding on to the past won't get you to your future.

4. Be generous.

I know you're probably like, "so I should give to show myself love? Make it make sense.". But simply, doing something for others makes you feel good about yourself. Putting yourself aside to think about someone else first is really what God wants from us. "There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

5. Find rest.

The easiest way to love yourself and be happy is to find rest. Finding rest and filling your cup go hand in hand but aren't necessarily the same. See you can fill your cup and still not take time to rest in the Lord. Finding rest in God can be weekly, monthly, or even a yearly sabbatical. Schedule time for yourself to unplug and quiet the outside noise (work, social media, life) for a period that works for you. Spend that time reading the Bible, meditating, doing yoga, or whatever you need to rest, relax, and reset.

The way you love yourself is the capacity you have to love others. During this season of love, let's remember to love ourselves.

Peace + love 🧡


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