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9 YouTubers To Inspire Your Repatriation to Africa

Here are some YouTube channels you need to be watching if you're interested in moving to an African country or traveling around Africa.

I get a lot of you with the same question, "I want to move to Africa but don't know where to start. Can you help me?". My answer is always the same thing; the best way to start is with research. I'll make a separate post about different ways to research but for now, we'll focus on my favorite tool.

YouTube is a great tool to use to research and get information about moving to Africa, traveling to Africa, and connecting with the people that are actually on the continent. Here are some of the channels that I personally found inspiring during my research and planning phases.

1. She Is Dominique (Duh!)

While I didn't have my own channel to use when I started my journey, I decided to document my journey on my channel with the hopes of being an inspiration to others that wanted to take that leap over the pond. #shamelessplug 🔌

2. Wode Maya aka MrGhanaBaby

This channel has been a HUGE inspiration for me. Not only does he travel to and explore African countries, but he also does interviews with other diasporans that have repatriated to Africa. His mission is to project Africa in a positive light and has over 1 million subscribers!

3. Traveling Sista

I love this sista right here, okay! Kat aka Traveling Sista is from Virginia and moved to Tanzania over 5 years ago. I'd definitely say she was one of the first pioneers of the repatriation movement that has an inspired my journey. I love the way she gives a no BS look into her life in Africa, starting a family in Tanzania, and running a business from the continent.

4. Melanin Migration

I first saw Rukiya of Melanin Migration on HGTV's House Hunters International when she was living abroad in Bali with her family. I saw her story again on a news special about black Americans making their way back to Africa. Her channel was then suggested to me on YouTube while she was living in Tanzania. She has since moved to Ghana and is also a relocation consultant.

5. Tayo Ania

Tayo Ania is a Nigerian-based YouTuber that makes travel content mainly about African countries but has recently relocated to Europe. Fun fact: it was his video about Eko Atlantic in Nigeria that sparked my interest in Lagos, and is where my husband was working when we first met. See destiny oo.

6. Miss Trudy

Miss Trudy is from Kenya and has traveled all over Africa making travel content. She also just so happens to be Wode Maya's now wife. Seeing these two travel together definitely gives all the baecation vibes. You'll love her excitement for discovering new places and food around the world.

7. Jermaine Ellis

Honestly, I don't remember how I even came across his channel but when I did, I found these videos of him backpacking through southern Africa and loved his vlogging style. I'd like to say that after watching his videos, visiting multiple African countries was something that I became more and more interested in.

8. Afro American in Africa

This sista right here has been on the continent for over 9 years! She left NYC to leave in Namibia, a country in the southern region of Africa.

9. Unapologetic Nomads

I first learned about the Jackson family from this video of them when they were in South Africa over 5 years ago. They live a slow travel lifestyle all over the eastern and southern parts of Africa.

These channels sparked so much passion for me to live on the African continent so I know you guys will enjoy their content. Leave a comment and tell them I sent you!

Peace + love y'all.


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