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Best Matching Family Pajama Sets For The Holidays

'Tis the season for matching pajamas. It's that time of the year to get your matching Christmas pajamas for fun family photos. I took these photos with my family last year for Christmas. It was also a cool way to announce my pregnancy.


Here's the ultimate list of the best holiday pajamas in 2022.

Pajamas for the whole family + dog - Target

Target has to be the #1 place I personally like to get matching Christmas pajamas. They literally have everything for a head-to-toe matching look for everyone, including the dog. This is where my family got our matching PJ sets from last year.

Fun + Whimsical -Walmart

How about dressing up as the Grinch or a reindeer for Christmas or those cute onesie pajamas? Walmart is definitely the place you'll want to go.

African-Inspired Ade + Ayo

Being married to a Nigerian, these have to be my favorite matching pajamas for 2022. African prints have become so popular and Ade + Ayo, as seen on Shark Tank, have made them super accessible. I'm excited to try these for my family this year. My favorite design is the 'Playful Masks' PJs.

Representation Matters - Old Navy

I'm used to seeing a white Santa Claus, so when I saw that Old Navy has pajamas with different shades of Santa Claus, I was very impressed. I won't be teaching my daughter about Santa but if I did, he'd surely be black.

Kwanzaa Pajamas

A while back, my family made the decision that we weren't going to celebrate Christmas in the traditional way. We didn't want to play into spending loads of money for gifts, only to have the children not know the true meaning behind Christmas. Plus, my sister is Muslim and doesn't observe the holiday, so out of respect, we made the decision as a family that it was time to let go of Christmas trees and gift wrapping. But we have explored the idea of celebrating Kwanzaa.

If you don't know, Kwanzaa is an African American & Pan-African holiday that lasts from December 26-January 1, reaffirming the traditions and values of our African heritage and culture. I was very pleased to find Kwanzaa themed pajamas at JCPenny. These are another set of pajamas I'd love to get for my family.

I absolutely love that my family has embraced this tradition of wearing holiday matching pajamas. It's a tradition that I'd love to pass on through the generations and is really fun! Which pajamas are you excited about trying this year?

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