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A Day Trip To Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens

Spring has really been playing games lately. And I feel like #ColumbiaSC has crazy weather anyway. One day it’s 65° and sunny and the next day it’s windy with a high of 43°. Talk about bipolar. 😕 But that’s the weather in the south for you. 🤷

Last weekend was a prime example. My family and I went to Lowe’s to pick up my mom’s lawnmower. While my mom got her mower, my little brother and I took some pictures and explored the garden area. It was so warm, like 69° and springy outside. It definitely had me fooled because later that night it was 32°. 😑

Anyway, we must have been really inspired because we decided to go to the Riverbanks Botanical Gardens. I had only been once as a kid; my mom and brother had never been.

It’s like two parks in one. On one side you have #FamouslyHot Riverbanks Zoo and on the other side is the Botanical Gardens, with is the perfect place to have some springtime family fun. (Especially once it finally warms up).  The Zoo has changed quite a bit since my last visit with newly added Zipline Tours and Waterfall Junction, which opened April 7, 2016. And admission includes all parks, zipline tours sold separately.


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