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She is Dominique


She Is Dominique is a place where women can learn to be fully confident in themselves, their passions, and their purpose.

About The Brand

She Is Dominique is a brand that consists of travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, wellness, and motivating content. This brand is built on being genuine and authentic while inspiring and motivating others to pursue their dreams confidently, through storytelling.

Our Mission

She is Dominique's mission is to inspire and motivate young women to become the woman of their dreams and live their life to the fullest potential while accomplishing their goals gracefully, intentionally, and unapologetically.


She Is Dominique strives to promote a message of pursuing one's dreams confidently, continuously evolving into the best version of one's self, and living a purpose-driven, holistic & intentional life.

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Dominique is a blogger turned model, turned digital marketer, turned entrepreneur, born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. You can always find her thinking of her next business opportunity, traveling to her next destination, or spending time with her loved ones. Her hobbies include reading, finding new music, shopping (of course), learning new things, and exploring new places. She loves all things fashion, food, and travel.

Dominique has always had a love for storytelling, fashion, and writing which lead to her dreams of becoming America's Next Top Model or the next Anna Wintour of a big fashion magazine. Dominique started pursuing a modeling career at the age of 13. At a time when "blogger" wasn't a glamourous career choice, Dominique saw it as an opportunity to combat her depression by telling her story and incorporate writing with her passion for modeling. In 2011, Dominique created 'I AM ME Fashion Blog', which has evolved so much over the years.

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After going to countless casting calls and not catching the break she wanted, Dominique pivoted her focus to breaking into the fashion industry in other ways. She enrolled at the Art Institute of Charlotte to pursue a degree in Fashion Marketing & Management. Her first break into the industry was as the fashion editor of the school magazine where she worked on the article as both the writer and the model! Dominique took this opportunity to start offering her services as a freelance model. Dominique takes pride in her experience with different fashion shows, photoshoots, and promotional events across the southeast region of the United States.


Dominique continued building her freelance modeling career over the next 3 years and became an advocate for inclusivity in the modeling industry. She didn't believe your height (or any other physical feature) should hold you back from becoming or even pursuing a career in modeling. Dominique became an inspiration among her peers and began to be sought out by other aspiring models on how to start and build a freelance modeling career. In 2014, she founded I AM ME Consulting & Contracting, LLC, a management agency as a way to manage her own modeling career and help other creatives maneuver the business side of artistic freelancing. Dominique discovered part of her purpose and has developed a passion for inspiring women of color to establish a sense of self-worth & confidence and helping creative entrepreneurs & small business owners achieve their dreams.


While the I AM ME brand evolved into a full-service marketing agency, Dominique needed to differentiate her brand as a model from her new business venture. The 'Domino J' brand was created, a travel & lifestyle blog fueled by the personal life of a freelance model, by 2015. Dominique would go on to be nominated for SC Model of the Year that same year. Throughout the next three years, Dominique continued growing her agency and modeling career by positioning herself as an expert in the business of modeling and freelancing.


Due to mistakes and personal circumstances, Dominique's long-time battle with anxiety, depression, and a deliberating fear of failure incited a mental roadblock that caused her to question her own self-worth, purpose, and direction for herself, her businesses, and her career. She stopped modeling and managing others to focus on her mental health, healing, and spiritual growth. After a year hiatus, Dominique rebranded Domino J to She Is Dominique, a brand that models a message of confidence, self-care, and awareness that leads to better mental health practices to live your best positive life.


Dominique is currently the founder of the She Is Dominique brand, I AM ME Agency, and her latest venture, Divine Motherland, a travel agency. She was just recently married in December 2020 in Lagos, Nigeria and is currently touring Africa with her husband. Dominique plans to continue to inspire young women to pursue their goals, know their worth, get their confidence back and stop holding themselves back from their dreams.

Peace & Light


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